Hi, My name is Sonny, I am new to this awesome domain, concept artist hehe, I decided one year ago to launch myself into this huge competitive domain. the way I draw is quite unique. I call my style Chaotic drawing. because I let my subconscious draw for me, then I just applied at the end some fundamentals. more and more that I do these piece of sketchs more that I enjoy it and more that I easily do it. I desire to aquire more knowledge that I possibly can and then show that I can work in movies and video games hehe.

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1339 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Drib Ruins

1492 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Persia Dongeon style

1303 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Manor of Doomed

1344 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Asia temple Style

1330 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Two Sky

1447 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Green Valley of Marlia

1858 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Crystal Cave 01

2189 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Crystal Cave 02

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