My Name is Naka, I’m a Digital Artist, CG illustrator, 3D Visualizer or whatever ( let’s just say I am an artist who does art & designs mostly on computers ). I’m an artist from Philippines based here in Dubai, I’ve been residing and working here in Dubai for almost 8 years now. I studied Advertising & Commercial Art back in the Philippines and having almost 9 years of working experience as a Graphic Designer, Concept Artist, Illustrator & 3D artist in different fields such as advertising, marketing, industrial, architectural and entertainment design industry.

I am currently employed in an imagineering & entertainment design company that specialize in leisure, amusements & theme park designs as a Concept artist/illustrator, 3D artist and Lead Graphic Designer.

Ever since I was a kid I really like to draw and sketch stuffs, read comics, play games and watch cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi movies upto now, Dreaming someday I’ll be one of the guy that creates and designs those kind of things. That’s why I am trying to make my way to breakthrough into comic book illustrations, film, toy and games industry.

My expertise are in Branding, Character design, Concept art, Illustration, 3D Modelling & Visualization.

I am ready for anything and always up for new challenges in my career as an artist and a designer. I am willing to share and learn more stuff, I am a self-motivated individual and a team player as my objective is to contribute to an organization where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to excel in job and grow within the company and to reach beyond my bounderies and limitations of my talent and capabilities......

I am open for any relocation as I will follow wherever my creativity will take me... ;)

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1370 0 in Sketches: Crayons & Color Pencils

1977 0 in Sketches: Crayons & Color Pencils

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990 0 in Sketches: Crayons & Color Pencils
The Demon & The Orc

1361 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Jack Metal Grade

837 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
never surender

2463 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Chariots of the Gods

2565 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Big Bus Beast

832 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi

759 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
After the Rain

816 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Station 4

819 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
The Pharoah returns

4714 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
War Machine project

840 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
The Rig

783 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Torch mech

842 1 in Fantasy
The Hunting

799 0 in Conceptual
The Hunter

899 0 in Illustrations: Character Design

869 0 in Portraits

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