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2566 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Rock from Soul Calibur with Cubone's skull on in a Frank Frazetta-inspired style. Acrylic.

2109 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Mecha-Obama for a digital comic I'm working on. Digital painting.

104 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)

2029 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Made up girl with surgical mask. Acrylic

2466 0 in Photo Realistic Creatures
Sadako from Ringu. Acrylic.

1510 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Lady Vengeance- Inspired by the Park Chan Wook film, Sympathy for Mrs. Vengeance

2073 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Akira from Rival Schools

1595 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Made up character with a nose ring.

1614 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
The Joker- created with a cheap multi-colored ballpoint pen

3060 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Clash At Demonhead- My fave scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

2758 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Milhouse from The Simpsons as Fallout Boy. In a more realistic style.

1611 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Lion. Drew this in Korea on vacation.

1422 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Made up character.

1447 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Made up scene.

1771 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Drawing of a homeless man on the train as a part of my "Will Work For Food series".

1485 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)

1409 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)

4878 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Sadako from The Ring(Japanese version).

4226 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Drawing mouth/lips for practice.

1503 2 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Made up character.

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