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Made Lidya making a book

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2567 0 in Conceptual
Title: Forgotten City I made this with the concept of an ancient fantasy-like lost city. I spent a week on the lineart, and another week to color it digitally.

5149 1 in Illustrations: Character Design
Title: Joker Card Design I made this for my school assignment! I used my copic markers for the first time for this design. It was really fun. :)

1463 0 in Conceptual
Title: Your Broken Wing I've wanted to practice my digital coloring as well as make something considerably simple. Spent a lot of time drawing those feathers! I think even longer than the time spent on the character.

1948 0 in Portraits & Figures
Title: Ben Barnes A fanart of Ben Barnes, the actor who played the Prince Kaspian in the Narnia movie.

1427 0 in Anime & Manga
Title: Resting Your Wings A practice on inking, perspective and details. I must say I quite like how this turns out!

1462 0 in Anime & Manga
Title: Shatters This is also something I made to practice on my inking and drawing perspective.

3615 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Title: DA2 Garrett Hawke A B&W fanart of Garrett Hawke of Dragon Age 2 game by Bioware.

4810 0 in Portraits & Figures
Title: LOTR Gandalf the White A portrait of Gandalf requested by my friend!

1585 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Title: Eliot A. Deon An Original Character I made!

2490 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Title: Connected by the Red Strings of Fate A mafia-based characters, I wanted to practice my anatomy drawing but wanted something simple this time.

3786 1 in Conceptual
Title: Fantasy Zoo Illustrated This is for a school assignment. Supposedly we have to make an illustration that depicts what we love. For me, they are; drawing, animals and fantasy.

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