Hi, my name is Kevin Johnson . I am an accomplished writer and artist/illustrator, my God given talents have given me the opportunities to create and design Christian/Urban T-shirts for an online nonprofit organization as well as commissioned works for galleries in Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia. My goals and dreams are to publish a series of children's books that cater to the imaginations of kids and inspire them to always dream and never give up. The Adventurers of Lil' Timmy(Afro-Man Saves The Day!) is the first of an series of adventures that I have created and written to spark the imaginations of our youth. This series is jam packed with superheroes with super powers such as flying, super strength, super vision and super speed! The superheroes come to the aid of anyone who is in distress and protects them from the bad guys, like the evil Mr. Clippers! I have three manuscripts written for this series and two of them are illustrated and I'm currently in search of a publisher. I also would like to network with a company to license my prints. Please follow me @KEVINJOHNSON701 on Twitter contact : 762.241.1559 / 706.223.2870 or email: KREASE701@YAHOO.COM

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Videos Contest Entries

1141 0 in Marker Drawings
Mars B.

1248 0 in Marker Drawings
"Jordan Flying High"

1475 0 in Illustrations:
Jordan 11

1154 0 in Photography
"Me & My Art"

1082 0 in Retro
Air Jordan 5's

1184 0 in Photography
" Larger Than Life Art "

2703 0 in Conceptual
Jordan 8 Custom Superman Design

1189 0 in Marker Drawings
Air Jordan 2 Bullseye

1100 0 in Drawings
"Carousel Da' Jordan"

1319 0 in Photography
Me & "Carousel Da' Jordan"

981 1 in Drawings

1192 0 in Sketches: Crayons & Color Pencils
" Medusa "

1018 0 in Drawings

1600 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
" Good vs Evil 2 "

2016 0 in Drawings
" Good vs Evil "

1131 0 in Marker Drawings
" Eve "

1484 0 in Drawings
" King of Kings "

1285 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
Classic Superman

1130 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
Man of Steel

1167 1 in Drawings

3870 1 in Animals (All media)
"Tribal Eagle"

1216 0 in Sketches: Character Design
Lil' Timmy

1136 0 in Cartoons & Characters

1184 0 in Abstract & Surreal
" Lethal Art Injection

1319 1 in Photography
Me & Lethal Art Injection

1175 1 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)

1187 1 in Random Things
"Wise Monkeys"

1080 0 in Miscellanous
Toms Shoe

1242 0 in Photography
Toms Shoe + Me

1102 0 in Conceptual
Jordan Carousel

1152 0 in Drawings
Jordan Carousel

948 0 in Urban / Street
Jordan Carousel

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