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1574 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"City With Glowing Sky" - The dark red clouds hang in the night sky while reflecting the lights from below. A vibrant city glows with life from the streets. I'm thinking something magical might happen this weekend! Sketchbook Pro on my Acer Iconia Andr

1250 1 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"Setting Sun City" - After doing so many dark cityscapes I wanted to do one with a little bit brighter colors. As the hot sun is setting and the temperature is finally breaking the city is settling in for a long night.

1900 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"Rainy City at Night" - I love exploring the city scape at night when everyone is still sleeping. Having lived in the Pacific NW most of my life usually meant that I was doing that exploring in the rain. Listening to the rain drops hitting the concrete.

1458 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"The City Breathes" - I'm fascinated with the energy that a big city has at night. There's this point of stillness that comes over a city after most everything is closed & it's just minutes before dawn. When the only thing awake is the city itself.

1435 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"Blue Nights" - As dusk slips in to the night the lights of the buildings twinkle in the sky like the stars they blot out. Sketchbook Pro on my Acer Iconia Android tablet, and Photoshop CS2 on XP.

1383 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
"Queens Way Bridge at Night" - Took a mini vacation at the beautiful Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA. The bridge was the view from my balcony. Sketchbook Pro on my Acer Iconia Android tablet.

1776 0 in Photo Manipulation
"Man's Ruin v1.1" - Trying my hand at some street influenced art. I started with a picture I took of Kylie Richards lifting her skirt. I used newspaper clippings and photos of money I'd taken. Then used some random clip art I'd found.

1518 1 in Political Satire & Humour
"Occupy - Now We're Pissed (Poster Variant)" - I've been wanting to do something artistic for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but wasn't motivated enough until the Marine Lance Cpl. Scott Olsen story broke.

1381 2 in Political Satire & Humour
"Occupy Cocktail" - Now that the cities are cracking down and releasing the police force on the protesters will the movement stay peaceful or take a violent step further in the revolution? Sketchbook Pro on my Acer Iconia Android tablet, and Photoshop

1525 2 in Photo Manipulation
I did these when Egypt was just starting their revolution using social media. The image is a video grab from the news of one of the secret police men getting caught by a mob.

1634 0 in Photo Manipulation
"Facebook Revolution 003" - I did these when Egypt was just starting their revolution using social media. The image is a video grab from the news of one of the men with weapons defending his neighborhood.

1558 0 in Photo Manipulation
"Dick #1" - Lt. John Pike of UC Davis pepper sprayed peaceful student protesters who were sitting on the ground on Friday. Original Photo by Lousie Macabitas.

1555 2 in Photo Manipulation
"Spark Plug City" - Rain pours over the city, but can't douse the spark of injustice. The riot police march on to their next victims. The wives and children don their gas masks in anticipation of the next attack. Stock Image Thanks: http://bit.ly/sTtNDQ

1366 0 in Photo Manipulation
"Dick #2" - Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad has unleashed his military on his people & cracked down hard on the peaceful protesters. 1000's have lost their lives and thousands more are jailed and tortured. Sometimes to death.

1439 1 in Photo Manipulation
Brutality and excessive force become the norm. Batons stand at the ready. Hungry for the soft flesh. Gang like tactics always win when you answer to no one. Significant injuries like a revolving door. Created with Photoshop cs2 on Windows XP.

1358 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
"Tribal Warriors v1.0 - 2 Brother Portrait" - This tribal warrior piece was done back in high school in 1987. Ink on paper. I've always imagined that these are two brothers huddled together to get their picture taken after a hunt.

1351 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
"Tribal v1.0 - Lone Warrior" - This tribal warrior was done back in high school in 1987. Ink on paper. I was thinking about the real tribesman of the forests and jungles through out time. Where true survival depended on man's base instincts.

1501 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Tribal Warriors v3.01 - 2 Brother Portrait" - Around 25 years ago I did a tribal series back in high school. This Tribal Warriors Snapshot is the first of the new series (v 3.01).

1348 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Lone Green Faced Tribal Warrior" - The second in the in the 5 lone tribal warrior series. This one was challenging because I didn't want it to look like the Hulk or anything so I had to tone down the green shadowing in his chest and shoulders.

1377 1 in Portraits & Figures
"Lone Blue Faced Tribal Warrior" - This was my first of the new Lone Warriors portraits. I followed up with the rest of the 5 piece series. It was fun watching the violent scribbles and heavy line work slowly develop into this finished product.

1587 1 in Portraits & Figures
"Lone Purple Face Tribal Warrior" - This is the fourth tribal warrior portrait in my 5 part series. While each piece is of a tribal masked warrior they are all very different from each other.

1721 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Lone Red Faced Tribal Warrior" - The last of the lone warrior series. I really like how bold and in your face this one is when it's framed and printed. The blue and white colored blast really feels like it's the actual energy of the warriors mask.

1389 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Lone Yellow Faced Tribal Warrior" - I don't look at the other pieces in the series while working on a new one, but I try to make each more unique then just a color change. His head/mask turned out much smaller then the rest of them.

1282 0 in Creatures & Monsters
"Tribal Mask 001" - I can't remember what type of material this is, but I remember that I cured it in the oven and that it was bought in the craft type section. I strung the wires and hand painted my creation once it was cool to the touch.

1290 1 in Creatures & Monsters
"Tribal Mask 002" - I can't remember what type of material this is, but I remember that I cured it in the oven and that it was bought in the craft type section. I strung the wires and hand painted my creation once it was cool to the touch.

1552 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Tribal Warriors v3.01 - 3 Brother Portrait" - Another one from my new Tribal Warriors series. I imagine this one is a snapshot of 3 brothers of the same tribe after a hunt or fight.

1957 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Tribal Warriors v3.01 - Armless Warrior" - This tribal warrior was done using larger brushes and was my first attempt at using the red and yellow cartoon blast background.

1651 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Ambush in the Grass" - Our hero lays silently in the grass waiting for them to approach. They don't notice until it's too late. His attack is as vicious as it is surgical.

1762 1 in Photo Manipulation
"Small Town Girl - Bree Olson" - Saw the "Exit Through the Gift Shop" documentary on street art & it made me want to do some pop art. Made this portrait of Bree Olson from a photo set I'd taken of her before she became one of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses.

1394 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
"This Must Be the Jumping Off Place." - This piece was done in stages over a few years after high school. It ended up like this at the end of the '80's. The title is the first lyrics to the Wolfgang Press song called, "Fireeater". It's a self-portrait.

1503 0 in Portraits & Figures
"Man's Pain" - This piece wasn't planned. It just flowed out. The red bursts coming over the top of the figure's back and to the left of him sort of reminded me of what the pain feels like when my Multiple Sclerosis has my back and hips hurting.

1360 1 in Portraits & Figures
"Symptom of the Day" - I have multiple sclerosis & never know which symptoms are going to show up on which days. Sometimes it's a foggy brain or blurred eye sight & other times it's semi-limited & painful mobility. It's the crap shoot of waking up.

1720 0 in T-Shirt Design & Print
"Old School LP" - Let everyone know you’re an original! You still got vinyl records and you still play them loud. You’re old school and proud of it. (Copyright notice & URL are NOT on the actual T-Shirts)

1491 1 in T-Shirt Design & Print
"Sugar Skull Freak" - Are you the black sheep of the family? The one that will always try something once, and if it's dangerous or wrong go back for seconds? Proudly tell the world exactly what you are… a freak! Copyright & URL are NOT on the actual T-

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