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838 0 in Drawings
Audrey Hepburn

750 0 in Drawings
Natalia Kills 1974

811 0 in Drawings
"Black Widow" Did I told You I once had a Sister.Like me,She is obsessed with Black.But she died a Year ago, killed by The Black Widow.

823 0 in Drawings
Operation: Kill That Bitch

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"Dendrochirus Brachypterus" Set not your beauty's blaze upon my fragile heart... Oh friend know you well the power of such fire. The trouble is yours. What will protect you? There is no water will extinguish this fire of your making.

791 0 in Drawings
Don't Come Near Kingdom of dispair

739 1 in Drawings
"Americana" She's just an American Riding her Dream,with Two Guns and Twelve Bullets. Like Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You touch her, She Kills you. Road Kills Fashion.

783 0 in Drawings
"Polar Star" I remember I was dreaming yesterday. When the skies are falling stars and fires. And He came to me, with Stars glowing on his skin. I guess He's from the Milky Way.

856 0 in Drawings
Jessica From SNSD

801 0 in Drawings

853 0 in Drawings
Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

677 0 in Drawings
Katy Perry

811 0 in Drawings
Arvil Lagvine

774 0 in Drawings
You Da One

831 0 in Drawings
The Queen Soilder

829 0 in Drawings
Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson Superbow

800 1 in Drawings
Vogue Photoshoot

808 0 in Drawings
Stuck On Fucking You

764 1 in Drawings
I-heart Radio

762 0 in Drawings
Marry The Night EMA

91 0 in Drawings

80 1 in Drawings

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