Introspectral is Me, and I am Introspectral. We share the same body and the same mind and in fact we are the same person.. BUT we do slightly different things. I, for instance, am a father and a husband, I eat oatmeal for breakfast and I don't enjoy bathing in the summer.. the water tends to be to cold for my taste.. I can barely play the guitar and I rarely enjoy trying out new things..

My name is Johan Ekelove

Introspectral is a weird entity, he enjoys strange and obscure things, and I am often taken by surprise by the things he finds beautiful, but I always tend to agree. I will share many many examples over time, but for now I can sum it up with "chaos"..
Not chaos in some war-like or nightmarish way.. no, chaos as in the intricacy of nature, the seeming randomness of things that seemingly have a pattern, the beauty of circuitry, the serene sense of freedom that comes with daring to live closer to whom one is, to accept and embrace the ways in which ones passion for things in life (and beyond) makes one seem clinically mad..
To love life and let it love you back..

With the help of Introspectral I make music.. or paint sound art, I can't really tell.. he loves and makes sound.. he also draws from time to time, presumably to reconnect to source after audio-overload.. (Audio-overload may be defined "Long period of audio-obsession that leads to loss of clarity/perception/perspective due to the over technical nature of modern music-making"
Drawing is a crucial way to get back on the weird track.)

I manage all the technical aspects and the various tricks for processing the audio to create various aural-illusions, and Introspectral deals with the exploring and sorting out what pieces of audio goes where.. (he never tells me "why" though.. other than that it is the way it needs to be because that is the way it needs to be..)

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