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1428 1 in Sketchoholic Marathons
Isn't it cute?

3143 0 in Anime & Manga
Thai boy scouts uniform. Almost every boys in school are going to be a boy scouts. some loved it, some hated it, some whatever... but all are remembered.

1353 3 in Cards & Flyers
Happy Chinese new year

1433 2 in Cards & Flyers
Love have a life time... Valentine 2011

1175 2 in Other
Seems like war was started in our border. Seems like our conscious weaker than bully mind. Seems like peace absent for a while. Seems like Cambodian and Thais are going to bleed. ...Damn you human, Curse you political shit. Both of us.

1693 1 in Illustrations: Character Design
This movie scared the hell out of me.

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