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1293 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Diwi the Demon

1968 0 in Creatures & Monsters
Pluto Sea dragon color pencil.

1196 0 in Cartoons & Characters
My niece for an up coming Ebook!

1160 0 in Cartoons & Characters
My cousin from baltimore I just saw her playing around at a family reunion and I just had to draw her!! Shes a big seller!

1150 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Someone at my life drawing sketchgroup!

1163 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Bunny Bot boogers! Means I drew her with a tail and ears o and heels. She wasn't suppose to have that but its an update from when I first drew her!!

1276 0 in Cartoons & Characters
A marker demo for my students at GG's Cartoon Studio!!

1171 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Navy Girl is a commission for my Doctor!!! She loves it!!!

1195 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Ic Blu in the costume I wore at comic con when the LA times put me in the news paper!! Shes such an non existant Evil Ice Queen!

1128 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Someone else at my sketchgroup!!!

1156 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Policeman Casual. Someone I saw at my Sketchgroup! I also sold his picture to him!!

1187 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Bitus Cadaula at 16.

1204 1 in Cartoons & Characters
My niece. Ok she could be a model sheet for an upcoming Ebook!

1153 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Someone that goes to my church!!

1326 0 in Cartoons & Characters
My Goddess Booshi Neeko. Shes the cover of my sketchbook!!

1205 1 in Other
$1 Tree Life Drawing sketch. I drew her and she had these three items at the checkout line! No kidding!!

3915 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Wylde Tamer half Spider Lady and Beast Woman!

1264 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Beast Man is a girl? What?

1311 0 in Photo Realistic Creatures
A drawing I did for a skechoholic shirt contest. The Mighty Pufferfish!!

1213 0 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
For Micheal Jackson's Sketch Book

1612 0 in Photo Realistic Creatures
Diwi the Demon: Scared of somthing....This is a Bobby Chiu piece I did! Studing fur. I figure if I do two more fur techniques I would have mastered Bobby Chiu Completely. The Colored pencil I did of him was a David Colman and this one I drew but couldn't

1524 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Bitus Caduala age 16 He-Man submission First time using an overlay bobby chiu technique.

1079 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Cyrene the Panther Princess was suppose to be on the back of a banner but I am having second thoughts. She might be on her own banner.

2167 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Squid Bait and the Giant Sea Anemone.

1362 0 in Portraits
Sato Shiori a popular artist in Japan

1110 0 in Body Art / Tattoo
Holy the Dragon my Tattoo

1220 0 in Photo Realistic Creatures
Pluto Sea Dragon

1274 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Tera Protector Goddess of Children

1142 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Another character of someone on line! Its been years since I did one. I did four and those were the best I've done in my life!!

1214 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Cheela Solmas Pose Books

1470 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Booshi Neeko Gaiya and the traveling Cat Hats This picture has so many names!

1037 0 in Sketches: Crayons & Color Pencils
My sister and nieces pets! Big Anna and little Anna.

1301 0 in Cartoons & Characters
A gift for my parents for their revow wedding. Them!!

1042 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Cheela Solmas Newspaper reporter and Traveler. When she turns into her alto ego Ic Blu she becomes a traveler and fights along with Booshi Neeko to defeat Ic Blu

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