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This a compilation of 5 stories written over two years; The Giant’s Diet is a story of a giant that lives in a mistic forest trying to accomplish his dream of being thin. The Reflexes story is about a group of dwarfs and a hunter that are obcessed with the dragons eggs a familiy that lives within the forest that accepts a new member of the family and helps him get his roots back. Meetings is a story about a vampire that hunts till the very end. Destiny story is about a warrior that lives to find his solemate after a long search. And finally, The Traveler is a story about a mad alien that travels in his own machine.

Product Details: 7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm) 116 Full Color Pages on Bright White paper (Trade Edition Gloss Cover). View Liliana's portfolio at by Mad Artist Publishing, Authored with Liliana Maia, Illustrated by Liliana Maia, Editor-in-chief Marcin Migdal, Editorial coordination by Alellie (Allie) Gomez, Managing editor Madiha Marium Khan, Managing editor Arnaldo Pedrosa Quintini, Other Jawad Ahmad, Other Douglas Osterhoudt. Watermarks are removed and Full Screen Mode is enabled once you buy the eBook and login. 

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