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Anthony Geoffroy: World Famous Caricatures Collection & Drawing Techniques

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If you love celebrities and appreciate art, this book is for you!

The Ultimate Anthony Geoffroy Caricature Collection of World Famous Actors, Singers and celebrities. Laugh your way through 140 hilarious illustrations of movie and television actors and celebrities. we've packed QR Video references of the actors which you can watch right from the book.

See sketches and learn techniques of a Master illustration Anthony Geoffroy in the breakdown sections. Dive into sample portfolios of guest artists Jason Seiler, Court Jones, Dominic Philibert, Wouter Tulp, Patrick Brown, Alberto Russo, Tae Soo-Kim, Jeff Stahl and watch their video portfolios. Become a better artist!. As a bonus we included Anthony's timelapse painting of Bond featured in James Bond Book.

If you like the book, you'll love Anthony's Video Workshop Compaion. Anthony will teach and show you his tips and digital painting techniques. Videos available in English and French and you'll see the 6 hours of painting from start to finish caricatures of Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Jack Nicholson,

Art Contest Results: See All ELVIS PRESLEY entries. 1st Place & People's Choice goes to Bogdan Covaciu from Romania -, 2nd Place : Cedric ROUTIER from France -, 3rd Place: Walter Fornero from Argentina -, PEOPLE's CHOICE Award goes to Kamlesh Bhalerao from Burbank USA, 4th Place: Andre Koekemoer from Ireland -, 5th Place: Ken Hansen from Oslo Norway -

Product Details: 7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm) 102 Full Color Pages on White paper (Gloss Cover). Authored by Mad Artist Publishing, Authored with Anthony Geoffroy, Authored with Marcin Migdal, Illustrated by Anthony Geoffroy, Designed by Marcin Migdal, Translated by Arnaldo Pedroza Quintini. 

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