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Bottled: Bearded Mudwyr - The Bearded Mudwyr is a distant relation to the dragonlike but still diminutive wyrms. Its habitat includes ponds and lakes, where it hunts small fish and insect larvae.

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Bottled: Poison Maker - A bottled poison-spewing wyrm. I think I could do without unplugging that cork.

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Feathered Dragonlet - A cute little birdlike dragon painted in a simple style. This image was created for a charity auction helping with earthquake relief in japan.

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Firebird - A tapestry-like interpretation of the Russian firebird.

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Tiny Fyrewyrm - Another colorful mini-dragon. If not in a bottle, then still in somewhat the same spirit as the Bottled paintings. A very colorful and lizardlike little fellow, this docile specimen is cousin to much larger species.

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Not all tiny wyrms are likely to sit placidly in their bottles for study. Some are pure trouble all out of proportion to their size.

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