Ahmed Elalfie is a visual artist ,illustrator and art director based in Cairo, Egypt. Active since 2003.

Egyptian artist Ahmed Elalfie has established a presence in the art marketplace. After graduating from the Applied Art College 2009, he went directly into a brief career in commercial art. Since 2009 however, he has dedicated himself to fine art and his own creative vision - in portrait, human body and everyday life of his childhood home as an element of expression.

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Videos Contest Entries

3717 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Ahmed Helmy

2613 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Bob Marley

2718 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Naguib el-Rihani

2346 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Samir Ghanem

1589 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Philip Seymour

0 0 in

1318 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Paris March

1409 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Maria Velverde

1188 2 in Caricatures (All media)
Robert De Niro

939 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Mohamed Khan

852 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Michelle Rodriguez

909 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Johnny Depp

0 0 in

1502 0 in Portraits
Ethan Hawke

1739 0 in Portraits

1757 1 in Portraits
Mohammed Ardash

1749 0 in Portraits
Sara Mostafa Kamel

1584 0 in Portraits
Rebrandt Lighting

1382 0 in Portraits
Self Portrait

1398 0 in Portraits
Johnny Depp

2563 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Samir Ghanem

2031 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Bob Marley

1900 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Bassem Youssef

1640 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Ahmed Fuad Negm

1783 0 in Portraits
Lidiane Soares I

2655 0 in Portraits
Haytham Nawar

2622 0 in Portraits
Beloved Monica Bellucci

1694 0 in Portraits
Artist that I dunno

1913 0 in Portraits
Lidiane Soares II

1865 0 in Portraits
Sara Mostafa Kamel

2408 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
The old man and the sea

1363 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
Maia Vidal

1465 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
Maia Vidal

1670 0 in Drawings
In a Parallel Universe

1360 0 in Drawings
Monica Bellucci

2068 0 in Drawings
Lidiane Soares de Moura

1347 0 in Paintings: Watercolour

1302 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
Wine and Grapes

1298 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
Wine and Note

1321 1 in Paintings: Watercolour

1404 0 in Paintings: Watercolour
Woman at Window

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