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Eduardo making a book

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Videos Contest Entries

2742 2 in Sketches: Character Design
Hector Hector, friend of Nerd Samurai. One of the 50 characters selected by Zupi's Top 50 Characters contest.

2318 3 in Sketches: Conceptual
Akira My own version of Akira. I like japanese animation and I'm a great fan of this one, in particular.

2485 2 in Sketches: Conceptual
Bee in love A sketch about the theme "love".

10267 0 in Sketches: Conceptual
Cold Samurai. I love to draw samurais.They are the coolest warriors and I'm a huge fan of Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond.

4669 0 in Sketches: Character Design
Kansha A concept of my original character Kansha, the Ninja Raccoon.

3486 0 in Sketches: Conceptual
Emo Cinderella Emo Cinderella and her broken crystal All Star.

2945 0 in Sketches: Character Design
Amphibianz With this drawing I have won the sketch-o-daily contest. The topic was to draw an "amphibian". :) See it at:

717 0 in Sketches: Conceptual

715 0 in Sketches: Character Design

713 0 in Sketches: Character Design

2306 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Cookie Rush Title screen from an iPhone game developed by Mobjoy. I worked on this project as a freelancer artist. See more details at:

2335 0 in Sketches: Conceptual
Peare Goethe - A character developed during a self "one-sketch-a-day contest".

4447 0 in Sketches: Conceptual
Odin himself - A sketch of Odin, the God of War.

2418 1 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
Yoshi - A sketch of Yoshi made during a self "one-sketch-a-day contest".

2513 0 in Sketches: Character Design
Samu - A kendo senpai.

3317 0 in Sketches: Character Design
It`s inspired on my original character, Ninja Raccoon, but in a more realistic style. He is a drunk and cheater ninja, but very popular among girls.

2505 0 in Sketches: Conceptual
An anatomy and brushes study.

2554 1 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
Lovers under tree

2511 2 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
Kansha and his grandfather

2457 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
You've got a friend in me

2587 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
Goodbye Pikachu!

2680 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
To eat or not to eat Another one made for Sketch-o-daily contest. The topic was "Croosbreed". The name refers to the mith that elephants is afraid of rats, but the big one is, half elephant ,half snake.

2468 2 in Graphic Design
A poster made for a philantropic event called Godparents for a Day from a NGO.

2469 0 in Drawings
On the Skin - To all passionate people =P To all passionate people. :)

2740 0 in Conceptual
Go there, Bro! -I made this painting to my brother :)

1913 0 in Conceptual
Doom Mistress

3660 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Ninja Raccoon

1701 0 in Conceptual
Comfort Zone

1206 0 in Creatures & Monsters

1182 0 in Portraits
Eduardo's Self-portrait.

1108 0 in Conceptual
Not so Haunted Girl

1142 0 in Conceptual

1289 0 in Creatures & Monsters

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