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1318 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
This is a little idea running around in my head until I finally put it on "paper". I love her :) Photoshop ONLY ! (so proud of me :P) about 13 hours. 2010

1290 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Sirène qui m'a donné beaucoup de trouble, mais je l'adore. Mermaid that gave me lots of trouble but I love her lots ! Painter IX about 20 to 25 hours... 2008

1410 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Cailin tu Moritat Here is the description from the book that gave me this image : « She was tall, a tower of darkness. Her dress was all in black, with a thick ruff of raven feathers across the shoulders. Twin crescents of dusk-red curved from her f

1911 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Pari, mon ange au travail... Luv you girl, you are amazing ! 15 to 18 hours in Painter IX 2009

1743 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Here is a drawing made for my husband. He is a bit crazy but I love him, so I indulge in his demands and wishes... Here is the description for this little one. To read more of his crazyness, go to the website for his little world of Risus here : www.mi

1540 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Here is Cyane de Mont-Fleuri, my friend's character at Bicolline. She gave her soul to Teratos and became evil. She is in the way of Flesh... It took me so long to finish the chains and corset -_-' The texture on the corset comes from Free CG Textures.

2301 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Voici une petite succube que j'ai faite pour une collègue de travail après qu'elle m'est vu faire "Pari". Elle voullait l'opposé ! :P Painter IX, a peu près 20 heures. This is a little succubus for a work collegue. SHe asked for the opposite of "Par

1355 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
Here is a sketch that was inspired by a picture I saw on the TV (I don't remember what!) and this is what came of it. I love her, absolutely do ! :D Photoshop CS4, about 20 hours here and there. End of 2010

1387 0 in Fantasy (Drawings)
This is a little demoness that was made in Photoshop only... God it was HARD! But I learned lots and lots :) Reference for hands (bloody hands!) and about 13 hours in Photoshop.

1290 1 in Fantasy (Drawings)
This is The Broken Queen. Someday, I will write her story, her life, her nightmare. This is mine, done in Photoshop for about 12 hours. January 2011

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