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With everyone's support, we're turning Dimitri's artwork into a perfect bound, professional book(let). As a thank you, we will print every pusher's name and URL inside printed and digital book. It's free and easy to support your fellow artists and have your book made as well. Simply log inside, click push it, then start pushing your own, remember to share this page. Registration is free and required to track names and urls we'll print in the book. We want everyone to help us decide which portfolio images should make up Dimitri's book. Look at the portfolio below and nominate images you think should be published. Share this page with your friends and let's get it made.

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8448 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
no guts no glory Always wanted to see an M-rated carnage movie

4737 1 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
hawkeye a redesign i made for hawkeye staying a little bit more true to the comics

6716 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Anubis anubis the egyptian god of embalming and death.

1890 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi

5592 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Sith lord mickey mouse.

3832 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
The balrog of morgoth

1799 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Battle on the eternal planes the demigods of war wage an eternal battle versus the creatures created by nightmares and evil in the mortal world.

5629 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
female pandaren

1789 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
sven and frank go fishing

2132 1 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Rabbit Rabbit is a mercenary in the new age of man. biomechannically enhanced to reach speeds beyond normal human understanding, this warrior abandonned guns and moved to machetes so he doesn't need to stop to take aim.

3515 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
king of the dead

4299 1 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Jango unchained. after jango fett got his head cut off during the clone wars he got a new one and wants nothing but to take revenge on the jedi order.

3270 3 in Creatures & Monsters
skull fanart from skull and shark by dave rapoza

4598 0 in Sketches: Conceptual

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