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990 0 in Fantasy
"The Little Mermaid" My take on the story: The idea is that that in a planet already conquered by humans, a shy alien had been spying on the last human camp where only one person was left. The human would collect stones and other organic materials an

2361 0 in Fantasy
"The God of Dreams" This Gods job is to deliver dreams every night with the help of 4 rather scary creatures.

1870 1 in Fantasy
"The Escape" Concept Art for a book I am writing and illustrating for my children

1020 0 in Fantasy
"The Beauty and the Beast" As we all know beauty is the eye of the beholder, so which one is the beauty and which is the beast...

4578 1 in Fantasy
"Knockout" Just a creature fighting a human...

1057 1 in Fantasy
"The Present" Image I created for an advertisement to donate money for the victims of the Japanese Tsunami

930 2 in Fantasy
"Wonderland" Image for the latest CGSociety challenge, this image got me a place in EXPOSE 9

2193 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
The Welcome Concept Art for a book I am writing and illustrating for my children

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