The Scientist in the Illustrator:

Meet C.J. Hampton

I am a chemist and a self taught Digital Illustrator that is passionate for all things art. I found that as a scientist, it helped me develop a unique perspective that became useful in many of my advanced chemistry courses. Much of the concepts I learned in school required a great deal of visual aid that wasn't provided in the material given. So the illustrator in me used art to help myself learn these difficult concepts. Before I knew it, I was drawing characters and illustrations for myself. This eventually led to me creating illustrations for others. It's not hard for me envision anything because I myself am a very imaginative.

I love stepping outside of the box and creating visual elements that bring wonder and imagination to the eye. My secret weapons are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Paint Tool Sai. I will bring whatever you think of to life!

I have had the honor to illustrate several children's eBooks and found a true passion for creating original and engaging materials. I can digitally paint more realistic pieces, but my true passion is creating my sketchy cartoons (in my opinion, they have more personality).

Hope you like what I create, if not -oh well ^^.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

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Hungry anyone?

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Listen up!

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3 Wise Kings

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Spooky Forest

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Spoiled Brats

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B is for....

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DJ Train

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Album Cover

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Luna Moon

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War is her name.

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