I’m a freelance artist based in the California Bay Area who works with both digital and traditional mediums. I attended the Academy of Art University where I studied 2D Illustration/Animation and Advertising. I currently work as a freelance graphics artist, concept artist and illustrator. I also do oil portrait commissions.

I have worked with traditional mediums, such as oil and charcoal, most of my life and discovered digital painting about four years ago and have loved it since. I am completely self-taught when it comes to digital painting and have picked up my experience from a lot of experimentation and practice. What I love most about art is that it gives me the chance to bring visions to life.


Spectrum 18 (Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art)
Expose 9 (The finest digital art in the known universe) (Ballistic Publishing)
Exotique 4, 6, 7 (The worlds most beautiful CG art) (Ballistic Publishing)
ImagineFX : Issues #37, #43, #87, #95 (Future Publishing)
BLP (A Macabre Journal of Literature & Art) issue No. 6 (Black Lantern Publishing)
The Complete guide to Digital Painting : volume 3 (Imagine Publishing)
Corel Painter Magazine : Issue #35 (Imagine Publishing)
Dartzine : Issue #10 (Dartzine)

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Light Blue

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Exotic Butterfly

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Dark Sorceress

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Light Sorceress

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Pink Super Earth Xianthen-18

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To Die For

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Blood Lust

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The Sakura Garden

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The Curse

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Universe of Dreams

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Sea Dancer

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In Full Bloom

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