Brahim Azizi, CG Artist from Tangier. He is currently working as a « 3D character artist » and « concept artist » at SigmaTechnologies casablanca. with Bachelor's degree in life sciences and Diploma of Graphic Design. very Passionate about CG World, Although he has never studied art or took any courses in the field of Digital Art, he brighten strongly in this domain through his strong work of Art and his creative talent in drawing and dealing with colors, and he make a big deal of being a self taught artist .
from Painting and concept art to Digital Sculpting, Because of his passion for realism . he wanted to explore everything in the CG world .
one of his paintings was presented in abu dhabi media campaign ‘Sokyahum’ for the relief of victims of drought and famine in the horn of africa .
He has also won several awards and his work was published in different CG communities like 3DTotal, CG Arena, CG Gallery, Shadowness, VisualArt, 3DM3, FreshCharacters, Evermotion, Furiamag, CGWay, MaxForums ...
also Cover work in several books and magazines like CGWay Magazine – 2010 Volume 4, and Cover for eBook « L’amitie en 131 citations » at « Amazon » ...

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