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1254 1 in Photo Realistic Humans
A realistic eye I had drawn one day.

1232 0 in Photo Realistic Humans
I do have a love for rockabilly and pin-up models so I decided to create a portrait of a lady.

1753 1 in Body Art / Tattoo
I like to create tribal draws as well.

1311 1 in Body Art / Tattoo
This was also made for my friend Siddie. She had me create this for a tattoo she wanted.

2785 1 in Body Art / Tattoo
"Birds Feather"-created for my friend Siddie. She wanted this for a tattoo.

1306 1 in Photo Realistic Humans
This was the edited version of my realistic eye.

1198 1 in Body Art / Tattoo
Now I have a habit of drawing on my own self when I get a bit bored lol.

1325 0 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
I attempted to draw the cover of the band Tools Aenima cover "Third eye."

1498 0 in
One is a still life with a palette knifing technique and the other is just a floral painting.

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