Hi I am Asher Ben L. Alpay, a digital artist and illustrator! I welcome you to my Deviantart page and I hope you guys enjoy!
You can reach me through my Facebook here: www.facebook.com/asher.alpay
CGHub here: theasher16.cghub.com/
CgSociety here: theasher16.cgsociety.org/
Behance.net here: www.behance.net/theAsher
Tumblr: artofasher.tumblr.com/

Asher Ben making a book
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1536 0 in Conceptual
Dota 2 Blood Seekeer Version 2.0!

4306 0 in Conceptual
Dota 2 Shadow Shaman

1532 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Street Fighter Chix

6788 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous2
Trafalgar Law of One Piece

1442 0 in Illustrations:
Dino Helmet

1642 0 in Illustrations:
Pink Rhinos

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