You're making your book, do you have a press release handy?

Article Index May 17,2013 Comments

A press release is a communication tool for delivering news to the media. It is not intended to serve as a summary of your work or as a "one sheet" to be given to anyone other than the media; it is specifically geared towards media contacts who seek quick items of information in a professional, standard format.

Once you get your book made and even more it's complete, you should consider the marketing and media awareness campaign you'll be running to get your book sales off to a good start. Press releases can be great promotional tools not only for the release of new works, but to announce other types of significant news, such as the achievement of awards and other accolades.

Distributing your press release to media outlets may garner media attention with published news stories about your work. You can either write your own press release or hire a professional public relations writer who will craft a well-written press release announcing the launch of your product, ready for distribution to the media.

Quotations can be a great way to enhance and add credibility to your release. contact experts, persons in your industry that you believe would enjoy your book. Send them a digital manuscript or print proof. Befriend local media such as newspapers or bloggers and send them a free copy of the book, hopefully your book is good enough to get some good testimonials, make sure you followup with them afterwards to ensure you get their quote.

Before including quotations in your press release, we need written permission from the person who provided the quotation allowing us to use that particular statement and their name in the press release.