What is a Limited Edition Print?

Article Index September 22,2011 Comments

What is a “limited edition print”? This can get a little confusing because there is more than one definition.

Basically it’s the same thing as a regular print, but with limited copies and the copies are all numbered and signed by the artist. Example, you make only 10 prints of a painting, usually a particular size, then label them as “1 of 10″, “2 of 10″ etc. and sign them. This way, it makes the print more special because there are so few of them and you can charge a bit more than for a regular print.

Here’s what you have to decide and make clear to your customers when making limited edition prints. First, are there going to be other, non-limited edition prints, or are the limited edition prints the only prints that will ever be made? Second, if you’re selling 50 limited edition prints, is that only one size, or does that apply to any size and you will just stop once you sell 50?

To sum it up, a limited edition print would be any signed print with a number limitation, but it’s up to you to decide the rest of the details.