Want to publish your own book? The self publishing experts are here

Article Index May 14,2013 Comments

Congratulations. You've finally chosen to publish your own book or print your own comic book or portfolio sketchbook. Maybe you are a writer who wants to be noticed for his passion or a comic book artist that needs an affordable way to publish and print their first comic book, or you're one of thousands of artists that just graduated and are looking for a way to stand out of the crowd by presenting your own mini portfolio book along with your resume to your potential employer.

Any way you look at it, Mad Artist Publishing and BookPushers.com have the answers and services to get your books completed and delivered. They know the next steps often appear daunting. That’s why MAP makes self-publishing, printing and selling books so easy, they are there every step of the way to art direct your project, put the layouts together and guide you to deliver the coolest and most educational product you can.

Mad Artist Publishing and Sketchoholic.com helped thousands of talented individuals be promoted and recognized, and now MAP is extending their publishing services to the whole world. They are helping all types of creative people marketing and promote their books. You won’t find any costly packages with MAP, they deliver essential book-development, book printing and binding services with one aim: to help first-time and veteran self-publishers get to market while retaining their authors’ rights and full control over their work.

It's easy to get started, with the new BookStarters service, you simply register for a free account on www.sketchoholic.com and upload 20 images intro your portfolio to qualify for BookPushers status. Then simply promote and share your page with your friends and anyone that you think will help you PUSH your book TO THE SHELF. When you reach your PUSHES, the Team at Mad Artist Publishing will make your book, it's that easy. If the world belives in you, so will them.