The Complete Artist book on kickstarter with jason seiler

Article Index Jason Seiler December 11,2013 Comments

We want to welcome a fabulous and enterprising new project, The Complete Artist ( together some of the biggest names in the industry. From fine art, video gaming to magazines, if you want to make it big in the art industry you need this book! With over 300 years worth of the very best professional experience from the best known professional artists you can be sure it’s packed full of all the information and tips you need to be a success.

You will find The Complete Artist contains information on how to get ahead of the competition; you’ll gain knowledge of important techniques and where to find the best inspiration for your work. In the book you will discover what it takes to be your own freelance boss, how to manage your time and the ins and outs of the important stuff like taxes and self promotional techniques.

We have had the honor of being able to interview some of the biggest names in the industry such as Cesar Santos, David Jon Kassan, Grigor Eftimov, Jeremy Geddes, Sean Cheetham, Justin Coro Kaufman, Sterling Hundley, Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, Robin Eley, William Wray, Shaun Barber, Aleah Chapin, Marcin Migdal, Tyler Jacobson and art directors working on the Rolling Stone Magazine, Der Spiegel. These are just to name a few of the brilliant artists who have contributed to this industry leading self help book.

This book is for those of you dedicated to finding and unleashing your creativity. If you want to become the next big name on the art scene then you need this book. Not only will you gain unbeatable industry knowledge but you be purchasing a book with some of the most beautiful and inspiring illustrations to be found in the world of art. You will gain inspiration and motivation through this book.

Why the book is so special?

What is ultimately special about this book is that it is not just a regular hard back you find on a shop shelf, its digitally interactive, using Interactive PR codes (the little black and white barcodes you scan with your smart phone) you can bring to life the wonderful online videos straight from the book, giving you the reader another dimension to your learning.

How can I help?

As an ongoing project we still need to raise funding and input into the book. We need your support to make this project the success it deserves to be. By pledging a small donation you can make this a reality, giving many more budding artists the help they need to make their careers a success. Becoming a backer will also mean you gain access to pre-release videos and 80+ pages of the book available only to you, you will also have the chance to submit any questions you may have for the artists featured in the book giving you the chance to sculpt some of the books content.

We really need your help now before January 4thuary 2014. This is when our funding period ends, so take this opportunity to be part of something profoundly life changing for so many of our up and coming artists.