Sydney Hanson Interview ( Sketchozine Vol1: Premier Issue ) /w Marcin Migdal

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Transcript of the INTERVIEW WITH SYDNEY HANSON, INTERVIEW CONDUCTED BY MARCIN MIGDAL Sydney can be found on Pg.6,71,72,73 of Sketchozine Vol1: Premier Issue) MM: Hey Sydney, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. SH: Thank you for the opportunity! MM: Now, you’re a medical storyboard artist/animator, how exactly did you get to this position and what do you do there? SH: I heard about the job through a friend, went to visit the studio, and started work the next day. I'd never considered medical animation as a possibility for employment but it turned out to be fascinating. We provide animations for a huge range of medical-related topics as well as animations showing various processes in the human body. MM: You’ve taken part in a lot of contests and won quite a few, what is it about Sketchohilc that keeps you coming back? SH: After I'd started storyboarding for work the amount of personal work I was doing gradually tapered off. Sketchoholic provides topics and challenges that motivate me to draw for fun. I also like the friendships I've developed with other artists. MM: Tell me about your style, did you always have it? SH: The first thing people comment on when they see my work is my unique style. But I can't see it at all - the only thing that's consistent to me in my drawings is that I probably draw too many horses. MM: And what do you like to do in your spare time? SH: I enjoy running, riding my horse, and reading. If I get enough spare time I like to travel. MM: Ah, you have a horse, maybe that’s why you draw so many horses.)...Can you tell us a little about your process. Do you always start sketching first, then move onto the computer? SH: My process used to be sketch, scan and then add color digitally. I few months ago I purchased a cintiq and now I usually work from start to finish on my computer unless I'm out and about sketching or drawing from life. MM: If you had a choice of working on any project or for any company in the world, what would you pick? SH: This job doesn't exist anymore, but I always wished I could have been a naturalist/artist in early to mid-nineteenth century. I can't think of a better job than traveling to new countries on a tall ship and drawing newly discovered plants and animals. MM: That’s quite a different answer than most people. But it certainly sounds like it would of been a cool job. MM: Sydney, what’s the most vital element when creating an image? SH: I think that no matter what medium one is using that a strong concept is crucial. My favorite artist is Gary Larson because his ability to convey the most hilarious concepts with simple, clean drawings. MM: What do you think stops most talented artists from making it big? SH: I think it varies from person to person. I think a lot of people just weren't built to be in a studio all day. I spend more and more time drawing as I get older but in my early twenties it was almost impossible to spend 9 or 10 hours in a studio when I could be outside instead. MM: On that topic, where do you, as an artist see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years. SH: Coming MM: You said Gary Larson is one of your favorite artists, do you have any other mentors or favorite movie or characters in films. SH: Coming MM: Can you offer any advice to artists that are struggling in the industry and aren’t sure if they should keep going? SH: Don't beat yourself up about it, and keep on trucking. Find a person whose opinion and critiques you respect and value to help you improve. Sometimes it's not someone you'd expect. My best critiques always come from a friend who isn't a traditional artist but his eye for good composition is spot on. MM: Thanks Sydney for allowing all of us to get to know you. Where can our readers find more of your artowork or information? SH: You can find me here at, or on my blog, or at You can see some of the animations I've worked on at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HANSON, SYDNEY (Pg.6,71,72,73 of Sketchozine Vol1: Premier Issue) I'm a medical storyboard artist/animator currently working in Minneapolis. I love to draw funny stuff so I was pretty enthused when I stumbled upon Sketchoholics. It's a great change from drawing kidneys and intestines all day. Visit my blog! ,, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------