Sketchoholic's Artistic Steve Jobs Tribute: Art book on Steve Jobs and History of Apple

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With the passing of One of the most influential human beings ever, Sketchoholic and is paying homage to Steve Jobs with this collection of incredible Art pieces and renditions of Steve Jobs. We've collected over 100 pieces so far from artists and illustrators across the globe that were influenced by Steve. We have also stared a tribute contest to include up to 150 drawings, paintings, sketches,caricatures of Steve Jobs and Apple.

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We are creating a tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple by adding a historical summary of the apple products, if you don't know steve, you will once you see the book. The online book will be available free online and we will add to it every few weeks, so come back often :). As we gather the images and create the online book, we will credit all artists as we do in our other publications at the end.

Here is the official URL to the online book -

Over 120 pages of great artwork featuring steve jobs, steve jobs caricatures, paintings, digital paintings and sketches. This will be an ongoing project, so if you have your own Steve Job drawings, submit them to your profile and we'll add it to the book at different stages. This is a tribute to Steve more than it is an art competition, it is a tribute to the man that changed the world and the way we live.

Let us make your QR Video and promote you on our Youtube channel similar to these Videos.

IF YOU are submitting a contest image or have already submitted one, if you have a STAGE Progress breakdown of your images send your Username and your ZIP with high resolution images in stages to

Here is a Great Inspirational Video on becoming a better leader and "artist if you may", he references APPLE and the innovation of Apple the compoany.  SHARE if you like. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Video on

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