Selling Giclee Prints : Internet or Galleries?

Article Index September 22,2011 Comments

With over 200 current customers, we continuously receive feedback on their experiences regarding their selling strategies. We will share some of their and our tips. These tips are valid both for original art as well as reproductions.

Being in Florida, open air art shows are very common for most part of the year except during the hot months. Attending art shows as a vendor can be a highly profitable way to sell art and make contacts. We have clients who easily make $5000 and up in the space of two days. A great way to set up a booth and to get traffic, is to display some large giclees. People are naturally attracted to "big and beautiful", not to mention a booth with some large pieces stands out and can be seen from far away. Once prospects are there, try to offer a giclee selection ranging from large to small prints. Not everyone's art is designed to be big, but if it is feasible, please print some show stoppers. Art shows are a lot of work, both physically as well as mentally but the rewards can be outstanding. A good site to see where the shows are happening is FNO.

Selling on the internet is becoming a much more prevalent feature of the art business. To give you an idea, although our site does not really market printed art for sale (except for a few chosen clients' pieces), we are continually bombarded with requests for giclee prints ranging from the classics to modern famous artists. After all, a local gallery has no way to carry such selection. Building a web site, marketing it and subscribing to online established galleries is a must. Our favorites are The Guild and artnet.

Do not leave local galleries out of the picture. Although a gallery's commission can normally be 50% of the sale price, the advantage of local galleries is the ability to acquire a local clientele that will hopefully come back for more.

Interior designers can be a great source. Many of them are always looking for new art and if they like what they see, they will always keep you in mind for future projects.

It is always a good idea to display the original art along with well made giclee reproductions. If your oil on canvas goes for $10,000 and a giclee on canvas for $1,500, you may be able to make a sale to someone who loves the art but cannot possibly afford spending five figures.

Do not leave any avenue untapped. If you are lucky enough to have a good agent, please sit down with them periodically to adjust strategies as well as gauge progress. Finally, making art is the easy part if you are talented. Marketing is what will make or break careers. There are many talented artists out there who do not know how to sell or do not want to make the effort. There are mediocre ones who are extremely successful because they are masters at creating a buzz, attract buyers and make sure their work is seen by as many prospective buyers as possible.