QR Codes: What are they and how is Sketchozine.com using them?

Article Index July 20,2011 Comments

YES www.SKETCHOZINE.COM as far as we know offers the ONLY TRULY INTERACIVE books available anywhere today.

Visit www.Sketchozine.com and watch another video demonstrating our QR Codes in 2 books. Place your order now.

What does it do?
Basically as you browse through our book pages, you will see a little square, if you hover over this square with your smartphone (or a phone with a camera), ipad or any other device that has a FREE APP BARCODE READER installed, it will take you to a URL that we've strategically linked with the page to give you even more in depth experience with the book. We've linked QR codes to Secret websites, artist profiles, blogs, sketchoholic contests, videos, short films and secret contests. DO YOU See a video mentioned on a page, hover over it and it'll instantly play the short film/demo reel linked to that page, yes, you can now bring the book anywhere with you when you order it and show the interactive content without a laptop or a computer.

We've integrated our Sketchoholic social website together with beautiful artwork published in our Sketchozine art books. Learn more than ever about our super talented artists, illustartors, animators, comic artists, designers, photographers, sculptors, get in contact with them immediately instead of trying to find them on the web.