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You're only steps away from publishing your art book and portfolio

At Mad Artist Publishing (MAP), our mission is ensure every artist has a chance at  making a living from their talent. It all starts with self-promotion and a big step of that can be publishing a professional art-book based on your expertise and talent. At MAP we believe everyone deserves exposure and their own kick a$$ book just as the books we've designed and published at

Take a minute to browse the free previews of the books we created with hundreds of artists. Our books not only present our artists as experts, but we ensure to add interactivity, educational content that will make the books usable for client and job interviews by the artists as well. 

Tip: One of the most important things to remember is that publishing a book is a professional step in your creative career and will make everyone intrigued. To become an expert in any field, all you need is a book on the topic. The purpose of the book isn't to get rich, it's to establish yourself as a credible expert in your field and use it as a calling card to get additional opportunities and paid projects. The more you promote yourself and your book, the more the world will open their doors to you.

MAP (Mad Artist Publishing) specializes in creative talent and publishing, we are affiliated with free-to-use creative community website We provide talent ongoing promotion in their creative career, our channel provides additional exposure for film makers and animators. The publications and books we produce are distributed to top creative companies, advertising agencies, film / animation and post production companies and design studios. Our internal Talent Agency ensures that our artists are professionally marketed along with their books.

Another great promotion tip: There are advantages and disadvantages of being an international artist. One thing I'll share with you; companies that need illustrations or concept art done by freelancers don't care where you live as long as they trust that you can deliver on time, everytime. They want professionals that will make their lives easier. Many will also offer advance payments if they're happy working with you, but this doesn't happen right away. First you must be chosen over others. In my upcoming video workshop and book "THE ART OF PROMOTION" (keep an eye out on it)  you'll learn that being an artist in today's world is more than moving a pencil or a digital pen. As an artist you must become somewhat of a marketing person and more importantly do more than the other guy. Register your own website, get a book, do a video interview. The more a company knows about you before they contact you the better. If you're in a running for the same concept job with 10 other skilled artists, the one with a video interview where they speak about themselves and their inspirations wins everytime, we know, we surveyed companies that hire from our Sketchozine series of books. You may be a shy artists, but if you want to stop being a starving artist, you must come out and interact with your fans and possible future employers. Many of the artists who do well with their books and careers have done interviews with us which we post as interactive videos in their books and on our youtube channel. Becoming known is an art form, sure social sites make it easy, but how do you stand out above others?. When you decide to make your book with us and after you PUSH your book successfully, you will gain access to resources and promotional tips that you will use in your freelance and creative career to establish yourself. 

We are artists, animators, photographers, illustrators and Art Directors, we understand what companies are looking for and will ensure when we make your book, your special skills and expertise will be showcased. We are sponsored and endorsed by many companies and private advertisers that include international art and animation schools and Disney Media Interactive. Our partnerships in the creative industry allows us to distribute the books among many creative agencies and pitch for projects which we pass down to the artists that are part of our Talent Agency and have published books with us.

Have a look at these two artists who have pushed their books using (Walter Fornero) (Diego Puglisi)

Sure there are lots of self-publishers out there, but none will take you and your work to the next level and make you a credible artist in the industry the way Mad Artist Publishing will. Our full services include; a service that will make your book for free as long as you can get fans and friends to push your portfolio to shelf. The service is free and exists for anyone, your fans and pushers will also be published in your book as a thank you creating a special bond between the artist and their fans.

We offer a generous royalty structure so that you can maximize the proceeds from your book sale and provide your with and Author Dashboard showing all your sales, expert support and ongoing guidance in marketing, promotion and sales of your book and your career.

Make the right move, add your Portfolio to and have a look at all the satisfied people that pushed their book and have enjoyeded the success and credibility that came along with our promotion. See the books at  

We are a Full Service Publisher and Promoter
  • Professional Editorial Team
  • We will make, publish and print your book for free
  • Retain 100% of Your copyrights
  • Free ISBN Number and Amazon book distribution
  • We direct your book's creation and layout
  • Access articles on marketing and promotion
  • Direct contact with creative professionals
  • Be considered for our Talent Agency and bid on  freelance opportunities
  • Professional Custom Design and layout of your book
  • Editorial Services and Custom Illustrations
  • Generous 40% Royalties and Sales Monitoring
  • Push your portfolio and receive 1 printed book free
  • eBook conversions included
JOIN NOW and add your portfolio, get on the MAP (Mad Artist Publishing)

Article Written by Marcin Migdal