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Books and Awesome content is at the heart of what we do.

Let's make your book for free! - Just get your fans and friends to push you along 

Have you ever wanted your own full color sketchbook or art book printed for under $10USD? Of course you did. We're here to help!.

Sketchoholic and Mad Artist Publishing is giving everyone the opportunity to make their own awesome book for free. Our innovative free tools and top-notch services and professional Art Directors make publishing and distributing your book easier than ever. We know as an artist you may not have time, resources or expertise to put together a book that will be eye catching, educational and sellable. And that’s why you came to Mad Artist Publishing and BookPushers; because that's what we do, help artists promote themselves and make awesome art books.

We provide you with the ability to create a fan base and “feel out” the market with your portfolio before proceeding to the publishing stage. Many artists have excellent portfolios, but they’re hard on themselves so never really want to promote their work on the world stage, why don’t you let your fans and others people decide if you're portfolio is worthy of a book. Upload your portfolio to and tell your friends about it, if they push your book to shelf then half your worries are behind you. When your book is pushed you will receive access to the professional marketing and publishing text inside your dashboard and one of our Art Directors will be in contact to start setting your book for the printer.

You will have your own professional book with your fans' names published in the book, the book will be previewed for free as a flipbook and anyone can purchase a digital or printed version right from your page. The best thing about us, is that while we understand you won't get rich selling your book, you will get opportunities you didn't before if you start showing and telling people about your book. We'll pay you royalty commission on the ebook and printed versions of your book so you can have some money in your pocket. You will gain access to Author's Dashboard that will showcase all your real time sales stats from our store, Amazon (Yes you will be on Amazon) and more.

All you have to do is keep doing what you're doing but this time you'll get a break in your career as we promote you everywhere we promote other artists at. Soon you'll be holding contests and really developing a big following and fan base.  

We take care of the manufacturing, tell you exactly what the layout should be and the printing and shipping of your books is also covered. Your book remains in-stock, without inventory, made on-demand when customers order it. The Digital eBook version can be always updated as well as you produce more works. The best thing is, you can always purchase wholesale books for yourself for giveaways, events, booth sales and more. Together we can create the book you've always wanted.

So don't delay, register now, upload at least 15 images, and tell your friends to push your portfolio and nominate which pages should be part of your book. Don't worry we'll hold your hand every step of the way, and if you're more of a control freak, we'll let you control the process as well. Visit and now. It's an international service. 

About the Author:
Marcin Migdal is the visionary leader of this fun publising company and creative community. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mad Artist Publishing and Sketchoholic V.2.1, and BookPushers. His responsibilities include mingling with world's best talent across many different genres and spotting up and coming artists, musicians, entertainers, animators, directors and giving them promotion and an opportunity to showcase their skills. He conducts day to day operations and delegation of tasks across the board. He also likes to do most of the initial design of layouts and advertisements that go into our books and on our websites. In his other time he contracts and consults for world's top advertising agencies as an Interactive Web Developer and Creative Director creating ads for Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time Marcin dreams of taking an inter-galactic voyage on Richard Branson's space fleet (No Joke).