Mad Artist Publishing is recruiting artists and illustrators to work with top advertising agencies

Article Index Marcin Migdal June 19,2014 Comments

Mad Artist Publishing (MAP) is forming and representing a North American Creative Talent Agency that will negotiate and work with top advertising agencies on projects for various campaigns and markets. We're looking for various styles of work in many mediums. So add your portfolio, create your slideshow on your Sketchoholic profile and send us your portfolio. 

We've been promoting talent and their work for over 3 years, and we've certainly made an impact on the creative industry. Our new friends love our books and the simplified recruiting we've enabled them with.

Over and over in our interviews with art directors from top advertising agencies we hear the same thing. While North American agencies love work from unknown artists abroad, they simply are not in a position to hire them because of logistical problems and barriers that the company simply cannot overcome. These barriers are time management, international billing and language. 

Mad Artist Publishing (MAP) decided to solve this problem and create the Mad Artist Group. A group of specialized experts in various niches of visual communication and design who will get to work with North America's top advertising agencies, video game and animation studios.

We have an amazing community of artists, illustrators, digital painters, animators, photographers, sculpters, VFX Specialists, but we need someone that's not only talented, but is willing to go the extra mile for the client and is outmost professional. That is why we've devised a criteria of characteristics that we will use to determine the artists that we decide to work with and take on. 

As an added bonus, those who are chosen to be part of our agency will demonstrate willingness to take on opportunities and will have their book designed and published with us. Why have a book? Simple, that will be your calling card when we're pitching you to our clients. Just like you go above and beyond, we will go above and beyond to get great projects for you. 


Good luck to everyone and send your profiles to