Jason Seiler's book has the answers every artist is looking for. The Complete Artist Book tells you how to succeed in the creative industry today

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Hey, I'm Jason Seiler (www.jasonseiler.com), I guess I'm an award winning artist, painter, illustrator (who cares)... I also teach on www.Schoolism.com. I've been fortunate to make it in the industry, been exhibited in galleries and now paint and draw for publications and clients that include TIME Magazine, Billboard + Rolling Stone Magazine, The New Yorker, Der Spiegel, Wall Street Journal, New York Observer and many others. 


Just like you, I've struggled as an artist for years until I had my big break, I lost countless hours of sleep and endured lots of stress. Along the way I met exceptional artists and industry pro's that provided me with invaluable knowledge and advice I am sharing in this awesome art book I call THE COMPLETE ARTIST: How to Succeed in the Creative Industry. I am on Kickstarter because I need your help in getting the book finished, record more interviews and print the book in a way we envision it. 

You can preview 80+ pages of the book and see many bonus videos as part of the book at http://bit.ly/19PCKtZ right now, scroll to the very bottom to see the flipbook. Also visit our http://facebook.com/TheCompleteArtistBook for even more updates. 

If you want to know exactly what it takes to become an Elite Artist and to succeed in the Fine Art, Magazine, Video Game or Film Industry with so much competition, then this book is the road-map for your career. We will explain and show you techniques and steps in succeeding in your chosen profession. You will read and watch video interviews from 20+ of the biggest names in the art, publishing and advertising world and they'll tell you what they did and what you should avoid. We answer all questions that most 'artsy books' don't. You'll learn painting techniques, increase productivity, be inspired, know what to include and how to present portfolios for pitches and galleries. You'll learn about copyrights and how and where to sell your artwork. You'll learn how to stay ahead of competition with self promotion, understand taxes and time management as a freelancer in having your own business and so much more.

This book has over 300 years of high level professional experience from the biggest names in the industry: Cesar Santos, David Jon Kassan, Grigor Eftimov, Jeremy Geddes, Sean Cheetham, Justin Coro Kaufman, Sterling Hundley, Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, Robin Eley, William Wray, Shawn Barber, Aleah Chapin, Marcin Migdal, Grigor Eftimov, Tyler Jacobson, and art directors working for Rolling Stone Magazine, Der Spiegel and others, that told us things we didn't even know. 


 Read what other artists, animators, photographers have to say about our book project.http://www.pinterest.com/madartistgroup/the-complete-artist-book-testimonials 

Who is this book for? 

This book is for every person that wants to unleash their creativity and turn it into a successful career in a shorter amount of time but is short on discipline, ambition, knowledge or the know-how of how to get started. It will teach you to stay motivated, how to stay ahead of competition and what the industry is looking for when they hire.
In this book, you’ll learn how 20+ acclaimed artists and professionals made it to the top of their industry. You'll get an inside look into their portfolios and techniques through Interactive videos, painting sessions, articles and interviews. You'll understand how to get noticed and be exhibited in galleries, sell and promote your art, and have your work in publications like Rolling Stone, Billboard, TIME, Der Spiegel. 


                What can I expect from this book? 

  • To be 200% satisfied with the knowledge you will gain regardless of what creative profession or country you are in
  • To learn from professionals who are in the TOP OF THEIR INDUSTRY with an average of 15 years  experience. That's 300+ years of Top-Level professional advice in your hands
  • You'll enjoy hundreds of beautiful illustrations and artwork on large high quality pages
  • You'll learn methods and best practices to produce mind blowing artwork in less time and learn how to stay focused on goals
  • Expect to have all your questions answered about Art, Business, Clients, Promotion, Copyrights, taxes and much more
  • Get many hours of bonus videos and QR Codes inside the book
  • You'll be motivated and inspired to move ahead in your career
  • You will learn and discover how Jason and his friends went from a struggling artist to globally acclaimed artists
  • You get to create this book with us and ask our pros questions
  • You will even know what these artists EAT for breakfast :) 


                         Can i see the book now?


We are way into the production of our book, the writing and transcribing of video interview takes the longest, but Once the funding is complete, we'll release even more pages to all the backers as we'll need your input.

What are Paid Workshops Videos versus Ebook Videos.

The ebook will be a downloadable digital version the book as interactive PDF. With the ebook you also gain access to many playable videos that are inside the book as QR odes you can scan, or inside the PDF that you can click on and play. They will be behind the scenes with artists, timelapsed painting sessions, trimmed interviews and more.

However we can't show or squeeze everything into the printed book, If you wish to take full advantage of the resources, you should consider getting a pledge with the PAID VIDEO WORKSHOPS inside. Which includes Jason Seiler's best selling DVD "Sketching with Jason Seiler". You will also gain access to video workshops that we are creating especially for the book with our guests which will not be available inside the ebook alone. Jason has created painting workshop that's over 3 hrs long and you will also get this with the PAID VIDEOS offer. 


                                Awesome Guests

I was lucky enough to get acclaimed artists that include friends and colleagues across film, publishing, fine art industry to agree and share their experience, stories and advice with all of you in the book as well. Scroll to the bottom to see their mini portfolios and read their bios.


                         How this project started?

Over the last few months I've been working on my 3rd book together with friend Marcin Migdal who's the Founder and Editor-in-chief of MadArtistPublishing.com and runs Sketchoholic.com. We found ourselves answering the same questions from our fans over and over, questions like: 

  • What does it take to succeed in the industry with so much competition?
  • How does one get to your level of expertise?
  • How do I get my work published?
  • What are companies really looking in an artist?
  • and many others...

This made us think and we quickly discovered that art books are just that.. full of artsy tutorials and repetition, they don't truly guide you or explain to you the steps of getting to the level of an Elite artist... THEY LEAVE YOU HANGING. 

So Marcin and I decided to put together a book that answers all of these questions and more; we decided to call it THE COMPLETE ARTIST. This book WILL teach you behind the scenes of what it's like to create work for TOP Companies in the film, advertising, video games, publishing or fine art industry. You'll learn how to stand out and how to get yourself and your work noticed by top companies. This book's focus is primarily on how to get you to the top of the industry, and as backers you will have a chance to give us questions that we may ask people we still need to interview.  



                        Super Cool Book Interactivity

To us, just doing a print book wasn't enough, we wanted to visually explain to everyone how to do things using interactive QR codes. They're these little bar codes you scan with a phone or tablet connected to the Internet which will play videos right off the printed page. Since Marcin is an expert at this technology, we packed hours and hours of video tutorials, interviews, painting sessions, behind the scenes footage from our guests and myself. You will have the option of getting a package with bonus paid workshop where you'll learn exactly my process from beginning to end, and you'll get accesss to my sold out DVD video workshop "Sketching with Jason Seiler (Trailer here)". Here is one video example of a painting session by me and here is Mr. Cheetham timelapsed.


                       We're all Artists, just like you

We've done our very best to put everything we've experienced into this book and we hoped to give you a seat in front of the professionals that may hire you one day. By learning directly from Industry experts you'll be that much ahead. In this one of a kind book we're bringing our stories, our experiences, our proven concepts and techniques in art, illustration, design, and business that will teach, motivate and inspire you to push yourself further creatively. We'll share struggles, successes we've had and you'll discover how to turn your passion into a lifetime career you love. We're artists just like you, we've struggled and we're huge fans of everything creative. We still work hard to maintain the flow of our creative juices. Remember; there are no shortcuts or substitute for hard work, but there are ways of working smart instead of hard and this book will teach you that, so you can focus on what's really important; becoming the best freaking artist you can be.


                      The Incredible Guest Artists...

We've gathered the industry's Elite and acclaimed Master Artists, Painters, Illustrators, Creative Directors from top Publishing and Media houses to answer many of your questions. Please note there are no photographs below, the artworks are painted or drawn. Guests include:

Shawn Barber (sdbarber.com) Shawn Barber's body of work focuses primarily on painting, portraiture, and documenting contemporary tattoo culture. Barber's intimate renditions of tattooed individuals, balance both meticulous brush strokes and loose energy. Shawn earned his B.F.A from Ringling College of Art in 1999 and A.A.S. from Cazenovia College in 1997. His paintings are held in private collections throughout the United Stated. Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including: The Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC,NYC; Billy Shire Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA; Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Mesa, AZ; Southern Illinois University Museum, Carbondale, IL; FFDG, San Francisco. Among his extensive achievements, he has taught drawing, painting and the business of art for over 10 years at various art schools throughout the country. 


Sterling Hundley (sterlinghundley.com) The work of illustrator and painter Sterling Hundley has appeared regularly in the pages of Communication Arts Magazine, American Illustration, Print Magazine, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, 3 x 3, Graphis, Step by Step Graphics, the Society of Publication Designers, and the New York Society of Illustrators. Sterling is the recipient of three Gold and two Silver medals from the Society of Illustrators New York, as well as Gold and Silver medals from the Illustrators Club in Washington, D.C. Hundley has created work for a wide range of clients, including: Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Arena Stage, Marvel, Atlantic Monthly, the Grammys, GQ, the New Yorker, the Progressive, Vibe, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Red Bull, Harper Collins, Penguin/Putnam, Random House, Scholastic, Knopf, Sterling Publishing, Major League Baseball, and Virginia Living Magazine. Sterling and his work have been the subject of feature articles in Communication Arts magazine (2008), Print (Young Visual Artists, 2004), and RVA magazine (2008). Sterling lives in Richmond, Virginia, and is currently represented by Richard Solomon Artist Representative in New York City. He is a Professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, is one of five core instructors at the Illustration Academy, and serves as Director of The Richmond location of The Art Department.


Sean Cheetham (seancheetham.com) Sean Cheetham was born in 1977. He has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He exhibited his work in 2005 at the Portrait Award National Portrait Gallery in London, England. In 2006, Sean had his first one man exhibition with The Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery in Pasadena. Sean has become recognized as one of the most acclaimed young figurative painters today! He was featured in American Artist’s Workshop magazine, with a tutorial article.


Robin Eley (robineley.com) An Australian hyperrealist painter who's work is exhibited around the world. He was recently recognized in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (highly commended runner-up in 2010 and highly commended 3rd place in 2011). He was a finalist in the Archibald Prize in 2012. His debut solo exhibition Singularity recently concluded at Hill Smith Gallery in South Australia.


Aleah Chapin (aleahchapin.com) Born in 1986, Aleah Chapin is an acclaimed American hyper realistic painter and artist. Aleah grew up on an island north of Seattle. After receiving her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2009 she moved to NYC to complete her MFA. Since then, Aleah attended a residency at the Leipzig International Art Programme in Germany and in the fall of 2013 she will be a Fellow at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. Aleah has been the recipient of several awards including the Posey Foundation Scholarship and the Elizabest Greenshields Foundation Grant. Most recently she won first place in the BP Portrait Award Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. She has exhibited her work in the US, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.


Jeremy Geddes (jeremygeddesart.com) Jeremy Geddes is a photo-realistic painter from Melbourne, Australia. He is widely known for the Cosmonaut series of paintings, and has illustrated for comic book covers, in collaboration with friend Ashley Wood. Geddess won the Spectrum Gold Award for his cover art for the comic, Doomed. His children's picture book, The Mystery of Eilean Mor, was shortlisted for The Aurealis Awards, won The Crichton Award, and was named as one of CBC Notable Books in 2006.


William Wray (williamwray.com) William York Wray is an acclaimed American cartoonist and landscape painter, notable for his Urban Landscape series of paintings, figurative and still life paintings in a combination of realism and abstract expressionism. Wray blends traditional skill sets of realism and the sheer energy of abstract expressionism in an ongoing evolution to find the balance between two seemingly unrelated styles. Wray has published Articles in Issue of Southwest Art, American Art Collector and The Artist Magazine. Amongst his exhibitions, he's been awarded LAPAPA Best of Plein Air 2008, First place at the Art Interview Magazine - Second Quarter 2005 and he was the Finalist at the Art Kudos International Art competition. William has received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and contributed many pages for Mad and to The Ren & Stimpy Show.Wray has challenged himself to create a brand of realistic expressionism he hopes to use a bridge into the customarily circumspect contemporary art world.


David Jon Kassan (davidkassan.com) David Jon Kassan is a contemporary American painter best known for his life-size realist portraits. The paintings combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds or “tromp l’oeil texture studies,” reportedly inspired by Franz Kline and Robert Rauschenberg. Of this dual representation strategy Kassan notes, “my effort to constantly learn to document reality with a naturalistic, representational painting technique allows for pieces to be inherent contradictions; paintings that are both real and abstract.


Grigor Eftimov (http://existentialdreams.blogspot.com) Grigor currently owns, works, and teaches at 480 Studio.....He is a graduate of the American Academy of Art and the School of Representational Art in Chicago, IL. His artwork has been featured on the cover of American Artist's Drawing Magazine, and American Artist's Workshops Magazine. He has taught drawing, painting, storyboarding, and Plein-Aire painting in Chicago for many years and has a strong following of students in the Chicago area.


Cesar Santos (santocesar.com) Cesar Santos is a Cuban-American artist. His art education is worldly, and his work has been seen around the globe, from the Annigoni Museum in Italy, the Beijing museum in China to Chelsea NY. Santos studied at Miami Dade College, where he earned his associate in arts degree in 2003. He then attended the New World School of the Arts before travelling to Florence, Italy. In 2006, he completed the “Fundamental Program in Drawing and Painting” at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, studying under Michael John Angel, who was a student of artist Pietro Annigoni. Santos’ work reflects both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within one painting. His influences range from the Renaissance to the masters of the nineteenth century to Modernism. With superb technique, he infuses a harmony between the natural and the conceptual to create works that are provocative and dramatic. The artist has received numerous accolades, including first place in a Metropolitan Museum of Art competition. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, including the Frost Art Museum in Miami, the Villa Bardini Museum in Florence and the National Gallery in Costa Rica. The artist has received numerous accolades, including first place in a Metropolitan Museum of Art competition. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, including the Frost Art Museum in Miami, the Villa Bardini Museum in Florence and the National Gallery in Costa Rica.


Justin "Coro" Kaufman (coro36ink.com) Justin is an artist based on San Francisco and serves as a Founder and Art Director of MASSIVE BLACK (massiveblack.com): A Studio that creates concept design and Pre-Vis Illustration for Games, Film and Television.


Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen (henrikaau.com) Henrik is a Norwegian oil painter. Uldalen is a self-taught artist whose work includes classic figurative painting. He paints people in oils and then pieces these images in impossible scenes such as climbing upside down spiral staircases, or falling from tilted buildings. His work has been described as photosurrealism and ben exhibited and showcase around the world and recognized in many publications.


Tyler Jacobson (tylerjacobsonart.com) Tyler as a graduate of the Art University in San Francisco. He is an acclaimed illustrator who's clients include Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, Simon & Schuster, NBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, Toyota, Men's Journal and more. He is the recipenct of the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Art from the New England Science Fiction Association and was awarded a Gold Medal in Advertising by Spectrum 19. 



                               Book specifications...


                              International Orders?  

The book is being published in Canada and that's where we'll be shipping things out. We will ship anywhere in the world, we will try to give our international friends bonus values because it is very expensive to ship outside of Canada/USA. We're doing our best to accommodate everyone and be fair.