Interview with Wanchana Intrasombat (Sketchozine Vol4 : CUTESIES) /w Marcin Migdal

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SKETCHO MINUTE with awesome Wanchana Intrasombat. This up and coming artist from Thailand is taking over the "cute" genre and is the next big thing to watch!. Check him in our CUTESIES Vol4 on the cover, Page 28, 29 and in our Sketchozine Ads. Scan the QR Codes to be directed to hidden websites.  ORDER our sketchozines now!.

Visit his Sketcho profile at and say hello.

MM: A giant hello to all of the MadArtists & Sketchoholics out there, this is Marcin Migdal here with the awesome Wanchana Intrasombat, also known as Kun Vic and Virctorior all across the Internet. Kun is a freelance 2D concept artist, character design and illustrator. His artwork is just “out of this world”, and he has been featured in countless magazines, including a couple of Sketchozine Art books. He is interested in cartoon and fantasy world within the “cute style” genre. This is why he is the perfect person to grace he cover of our Cutesies Book. Welcome Kun! First tell all of the MadArtists and Sketchoholics a little about you.
WI: “Sawadee Krab” which means hello in Thailand:), Hi Marcin and everyone! I’m a 2D freelance artist who works in the entertainment industry as a Concept Artist. I produce concepts for animation, game and commercial projects, I also love character design and illustration.  Three years ago I had graduated traditional painting and then I slowly self taught and developed my digital painting skills which was always my dream!

MM: So tell me what was the first time you decided to pick up a pencil and started drawing and what did you draw?
WI: If I remember correctly I was 5 or 6 years old and my first drawing was of the character from DragonBall Z. When I was young DragonBall animation was very popular in my country. I also know I drew influence from Japanese comics and cartoons as a young boy.

MM: Characters, visual language and execution is incredible in all your images, you’ve got vibrant colours, good layout, why are you so good?
WI: The main factor is the passion, I try and visualize my dreams as art pieces or take the idea of my dreams and turn them into pictures. To get my colours and layout, I always scan the web for artworks and try to find the reference with good colour, visual stance, layout, etc then use those to try to improve my drawing skills...I like to draw something new and try to improve my weakest points.

MM: What are your favourite tools and media to use? Pencils or Computer?
WI: These days, my favourite is Computer. I’ve been using computer as an art tool for only 3 years, before that I always used pencils to create the pictures.

MM: Can you tell me where you draw your inspiration from, do you have stuffed animals & babies all around? :) is that why you’re so good at “cute”?
WI: I get a lot of inspiration from Animation films around the world such as Disney, Pixar, Ghibli and many others. When i watch these movies I become a child and start dreaming again. I use to be an art teacher of kindergarten, at that time I very much enjoyed capturing a lot of expression of the kids. I had talked to them and asked a lot of questions and there were so many surprise answers that you can’t expect or imagine! That also became inspiring to me.

MM: Do you remember your first paying gig as an artist? How did you get it?
WI: Ah, my first paying was from my friend. In 2008, he recommend a job to me., It was an illustration for a card game. At that time, I didn’t use the computer yet, but I got it because I had a traditional painting portfolio.

Your parents and friends, were they a big support when you were growing up? Did you ever want to be an astronaut or anything else?
WI: Yes, they are the biggest part of my life and they always support me to do everything that they think is good. Aha! childhood dream, I used to dream about becoming a football player, unfortunately I can’t play well. After I saw Toy Story in 1995, my dream had changed completely, i said “I need to be a part of that!”

MM: What do you think is the most vital element of an image?
WI: I think the drawing skill is the most important for creating an image. If you have great basic skills you can have your imaginaition become a real by drewing.

What in your opinion is the best and worst thing about being and artist?
WI: The best thing for me is that I can display my dreams as picture, I call this “Painting language”. So, it is not important whatever your nationality or which language you speak as we can understand each other by painting. The other best thing is that you’re doing something that you love for a living, The worst thing about being an artist, is that an artist can’t live without marketing themselves.

MM: I don’t know any other artists from Thailand, tell us about the the art industry in Thailand.
WI: It is in the developing process and will become more popular
 in the future because there are new universities that teach specific
course about art, animation and design and there are so many new studios that have amazing quality of work and can accept big projects from clients.

MM: What in your opinion is the best way for artists to promote their work?
WI: I think, it is  to use social networks. Almost all people use it  and that is why I think it is very easy to promote everything.

MM: I very much agree with that, if it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter, it would be nearly impossible for us to help promote all of the great artists that we find on the web and get their bios for our books. So thank you Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey
MM: What is it about and our books that you like the most?
WI: I love the theme of Sketchoholic website the most, it‘s open for sharing your work and to receive feedback from the other artists & friends. But I love that there are so many art & drawing competitions created by professional artists, so you can get feedback from them if you just join for free.

MM: Do you have favorite idols? If you could meet any one who would it be?
WI: ComI have so many idols and would love to meet them all. John Lasseter, Bobby Chiu, Tim Burton, and my friends on the CG network such as Felideus Bubastis (his style is very wonderful).

MM: If you could have any impossible skill or talent what would that be?
WI: Yeah! I love this question… I would love to fly!! Even if I have acrophobia.

MM: So , what is your greatest fear?
WI: I fear something that is too extreme! Such as bungee jumping.

MM: From all of your pieces, do you have a favorite image and why is it?
WI: There are so many image that was my favorite, if you need just only one, it will be “The Beginning Of Freedom” because this artwork opened the closed windows in my brain to become a “freedom guy” and I started imagining everything from there.

What are the top three websites you visit the most?
WI: Facebook for conversations with my friends, Google for finding references and CGwebsite for finding inspirations, such as CGSociety.

MM: If you could paint anything what would it be?
WI: HAHA!, I will paint only what I love!!  and only personal work.

MM: If you could have any job you wanted, what would be your dream job?
WI: Artist

So you’ve fulfilled your dream! Any final words of wisdom to all struggling creative persons out there?
WI: I’m not a professional artist yet and I have just very short time experience in this industry. There are so many things that I have to learn and improve more and more. I notice today that what I have now is 100% of what I love doing. I can tell you that if you do a job that you love, you too will be happy and enjoy life explicitly. So all artists out there, keep painting and sharing your work and join contests with sites like Sketchoholic. You will get your position in the industry soon.

MM: It’s been awesome getting to know you, I know your career will just shoot you to the moon, even if you didn’t want to be an astronaut:). I’d like to thank you for being here and everyone visit his Facebook page  and find him on
WI: Many thanks Marcin and thanks a lot  giving me this opportunity. I’m very appreciative about this interview and Sketchoholic.  Keep inspiring!! Thanks!

MM: Thanks Wanchana, when I see yout work I always think you’re a profesrsional, it inspires me to know that I can spot talent like yours and help you out in promoting yourself so you can soon enough become a successful artists and continue living your dream!. Everyone visit our  and to read many great books and articles for free. This has been Marcin Migdal with Wanchana Intrasombat. Visit and pre order your books now!.

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