Interview with Malgorzata Arska (Sketchozine Vol4 : CUTESIES) /w Arnaldo P. Quintini

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AQ: I'm Arnaldo, the creative director at MadArtist Publishing and Today we’re sharing this wonderful afternoon with Malgorzata Arska who is featured in our Vol4. Cutesies Art Book at She is also known as Gosia and ‘Argot’ on the web. She is a freelance polish Artist, specializing in Illustration, Character Design and visual development and she is an avid Sketchoholic user and member.
MA: Hi there!  I am very pleased to be interviewed here

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AQ: So I’ve been wanting to ask you this since the first time I saw your sketchoholic profile...Why are you so fond of mice as your subjects for your illustrations? Is that because you like Mickey Mouse so much? :)
MA: Yes, I am mice obsessed. It's really hard to say why... I’ve always loved cartoons with mice.. like 'Tom & Jerry', 'Pinky and the Brain', and of course Mickey Mouse. It's my favorite animal and let’s say the cutest one

AQ: Which school did you attend and what made you get into art?
MA: I started my art education in London England, but then after few months I returned to Poland and  studied on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, where I graduate this year.

AQ: Was your family supportive in your pursuit of art or did they want you to do something else?
MA: Oh, My Mom was always scared when she heard that I want to be an artist...I think I made this decision when I was 5, so art has always been my thing, but it took me many years before I decided to be a visual development artist and illustrator.

AQ: What’s your favorite media to work with? Tell me about your style.
MA: Well, I love digital Painting and Photoshop for sure is my favorite program, but there is part of me that loves the traditional way and sometimes I use watercolors. I want my characters to be very unique, they are not just drawings, I want them to be seen as if they are alive so I like realistic paintings with a cartoon edge.
AQ: What in your opinion is the best way to promote yourself?
MA: I think that sites like or help a lot. It's great way to free promotion and best place to meet other artists.

AQ: What is the best and worst thing about being an artist?
MA: I am never self-satisfied and always think that I could do something better than I did. But getting paid for doing what you love is the best thing in the world.

AQ: It definitely is! What is the most vital element of an image or film?
MA: For me it's interaction between characters.

AQ: You said you want to do animation, why the change?
MA: It's not a change, I am illustrator and character designer and I would like to be part of visual development group in some animation studio.

AQ: Well, maybe this interview will help you get noticed and some animation studio will hire you. So, what are the career prospects in Poland, our very own Marcin will be interviewing Grzegorz Jonkajtys and hopefully others from Platige Studio in Warsaw for our upcoming "Animation Stories" Art Book, is that one studio you'd consider working at?
MA: I am not planning my future in Poland, now I work as a freelancer with companies like 'Saatchi & Saatchi' but I’m thinking of moving out to California, in my opinion there are better opportunities and I love Californian sun :)

AQ: Do you have any favorite films or shorts?
MA: Too many to mention them all on here but I love 'Gremlins', 'Monsters, Inc.', 'Bolt', 'How to train your Dragon' and 'Tom and Jerry series'

AQ: If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?
MA: May I say three names ? Glen Keane, Nicolas Marlet and Peter de Seve

AQ: Do you have any other interests aside from drawing and art?
MA: I am collecting vinyl toys

AQ: You’ve been a Sketchoholic for over a year now and as you know we constantly add self promotion and drawing tools for all artists to use to improve their skils. I was wondering what keeps you coming back and what else would you like to see in the future that would make your life easier and more successful as an artist.
MA: I love Sketchoholic contests, and interviews with artists are great too.

AQ: What is your dream Job?
MA: Being a visual development artist in one of world famous studios but I won't say the name :)

AQ: The next couple of questions will be more about you...So What is your greatest fear?
MA: Lack of creativity....

AQ: If you could have any skill or talent, what would it be?
MA: I always wanted to play the piano.

AQ: What 3 websites do you visit the most?

AQ: If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do with a billion dollars?
MA: Well, I have so many dreams...but I will start with nice house by the sea

AQ: Any words of wisdom you would like to share with artists out there?
MA: hmm.... I have one favorite : Failing is a part of learning.
AQ: I couldn’t agree more, not by personal experience ;). Well, It has been a pleasure getting to know you Gosia, I hope all your dreams come true and you continue on your path of art. Where can our readers find out more about you aside from
MA: I post regularly on my blog:
AQ: Also, we'll be scheduling contests by all of the interviewees, would you mind coming up with a topic and providing an original drawing as the prize for the topic you create?. Let me know, you would choose the winner.
MA: Sure, I have the perfect topic.... ' You are a MOUSE - draw yourself :), thanks Arnaldo.


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