eBook Marketing Tips: 2 Things I've Done Using Social Media To Increase eBook Sales

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I've been writing and self-publishing eBooks since 2002. This was before sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook caught on like a house a' fire. Now though, in my humble opinion, social media outlets like these can't be ignored when it comes to eBook marketing.

Let me say up front, I'm not a rabid fan of social media and was kind of a late adopter. I use it because I own/operate an SEO writing company and offer social media management services to clients. I say this because some who tout social media seem to be the gurus with 100,000 followers and absolutely loooovvvvveee it.

So if you're new to social media and/or are a late adopter like I was, never fear – you can make it work for you. To this end, following are a couple of pretty simple things I've done using this medium that has helped me to sell more eBooks.

1. Upload Cover Art: My newest eBook is a different genre for me (contemporary romance). Most of the 50+ eBooks I've written have been in the "how-to, non-fiction" genre. Only two haven't. I have an in-built audience for my non-fiction eBooks, so never used this tip before.

For this title, because it's a new genre, I hired an eBook cover artist. As an aside, I usually do my own eBook covers; but again, because this was different subject matter, it required a different kind of cover than I was used to creating.

The eBook cover was so pretty – and I was so excited to share it -- that I posted it on my Facebook page. In one day, it got almost 60 views. I also posted it to my Twitter stream and in one day got almost 100 new real Twitter followers, which was out of the norm for me.

Now, I know what you're thinking -- those aren't huge numbers. And, you're right. But as I got "popular" reaction from two different social media accounts, I did some reading on social media and eBook marketing. One of the topics I kept running into was what you could do BEFORE your eBook is finished to stir up interest.

And, guess what? One of those things was to use social media as a pre-launch pad for your eBook. A detailed post on the eBook Author Academy site explains why, stating:

Pre launches are a fantastic way to stir up excitement and curiosity about both you and your eBook. And the best way to do this is via utilising the many social media networks available to you. … Steve Jobs from Apple was a "master" of the "pre launch." …They don't wait until the product is on the shelves before they start pumping it up. The anticipation generated prior to product launch has already had the effect of converting "potential customers" to "buying customers" as soon as the product is launched. [Source: Create an Online "Pre-launch" Campaign to Stir Up Some Excitement]   

Now, I have people asking me when the eBook will be finished. Looks like Mr. Jobs' strategy is already working for me!

FYI, while I uploaded cover art, another idea is to upload excerpts as you're writing. Note: I'd only do this if I was almost finished, as the story can change dramatically before this point.

2. Put Your Social Media Marketing on Auto Pilot: Many newbies to social media forget about and/or don't know about social media auto tools like HootSuite.com and SocialOomph.com. These are a time-pressed, self-publisher's dream. Here's one way they've helped me sell more eBooks.

A couple of summers ago, I wrote a relationship eBook under a pen name. As I can't promote it "openly," -- eg, via my main social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), article marketing (EzineArticles.com) and free press release account (eg, PrLog.com) -- I opened a Twitter account under this pen name.

Via this account, I auto schedule tweets to go out, sometimes for a week at a time. That's all the marketing I do for this eBook because like I said, I can't use my main accounts to promote it. And guess what, that one eBook accounts for anywhere from a quarter to a third of my Amazon eBook sales every month.

Now, i's popular subject matter – so that accounts for a lot. But, I notice that if I go a week or two without auto scheduling tweets (which I do sometimes when I get too busy), sales drop off. But as soon as I schedule more tweets, sales pick up.

What do I tweet and how often?

Snippets directly from the eBook; and

Retweets of relationship advice.

That's it.

The reason this eBook marketing tip is so effective – in my opinion – is because it keeps your eBook top of mind. And if you're lucky enough to write on popular subjects and have written a good book (this is always a factor), then you're almost guaranteed sales.

eBook Marketing and Social Media: Conclusion

Just a couple of days ago, I was reading an article on a very popular writing site that was saying that you didn't need to pay that much attention to social media. I used to feel this way.

While I still feel that putting out more titles is the number one thing you should be doing as far as being successful as a self-publisher, when it comes to eBook marketing, social media can no longer be ignored. My personal eBook sales prove this.

I'll be experimenting more with Facebook and Twitter, particularly since you only have to sell a few hundred copies per month of each eBook you write to make really good money as a self-publisher. I know this from first-hand experience, as over 50% of my income since 2010 is from my self-publishing profits.

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