BookPushers help artists get published and get their art books designed for free

Article Index May 14,2013 Comments

If you are looking for the opportunity to publish your book, then look no further. Mad Artist Publishing (MAP), and now BookPushers have joined forces to give you and your friends the chance to have your book made for free. All you need to do is upload your portfolio on Sketchoholic and get your friends to PUSH IT to shelf. It's always free for your friends to push and support you in your book making. 

"We think, If the world likes your portfolio, then you deserve to have it turned it into a book" ~ Marcin Migdal (Editor-in-Chief & Founder of MAP &

The team at MAP has worked on large collectives with celebrity artists over the years and have published many top selling titles and represent many animated films. The people that will be helping you through the process of making your book are passionate and have extensive experience; all actively working in the industry as Editors, Artists and Advertising Executives. 

BookPusherrs & MAP focuses on giving you the most exposure as possible, because they understand you want to focus on your artwork and not necessarily on the promotion of your work.. it is boooooring. By giving you access to all the tools and knowledge you need to publish your book quickly, easily and affordably, we know you'll get your career moving faster. While you will not retire by making an art book, know that the opportunities and the people tha will knock on your door in the future after your book is complete may change your life for the better. It's about taking the opportunity you have presented in front of you that matters most.

By using the latest print on demand technology and new approaches to global publishing, we give authors the services they need to publish their books. With online distribution and the most extensive range of Marketing Campaigns, we make not only publishing your book, but selling it as well, simple.

Don't wait another minute, the longer you delay in promoting yourself, the longer it'll be before you're discovered. And we've discovered many talented artists who went onto working and freelancing for great companies worldwide.

So, Upload your portfolio now and start pushing it to shelf !