Best Place to Publish Your Own Book / Comic Book / Sketch Book

Article Index May 14,2013 Comments

The questions are being asked over and over again. What is the Best Place to publish your own book, comic book or a sketchbook? Where do I print my book? How do I sell my book?.

Before you get your answer, you must get it through your head that there is much more to creating a book then slapping a few pieces of artwork together and binding it together, then sending it off to a printer.

Creating a book is an artform and not many companies specialize in making books, but many do specialize in publishing them; What is publishing? It's taking your already fishing work that you've created without any experience and packing it up then selling it. Now that's fine and dandy for most people who just want to have a book to show to their friends. But if you're the kind of person that wants to grow your career and feel that a professional representation of your artwork through a book is the right way to go, then you should consider going under the umbrella of Mad Artist Publishing.  

Make your book, design your book, publish your book with the folks of Mad Artist Publishing simply because they truly do design the books. The people behind it are REAL artists that work in the industry and really do understand art promotion, selling and exactly what employers are looking for when hiring artists for particular projects. And let's face it, that's your goal, to freelance from home and get paid lots of money for creating work you're passionate about.

MAP's Statement is as follows:

"We represent & promote brilliant talent around the world and distribute their work to industry professionals using our books, video and social channels. OH... WE ALSO MAKE KICK-ASS BOOKS, MAGAZINES AND GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED."

Because you want a Kick-Ass Book and you're a MAD ARTIST!
Because you want to be affiliated with Disney, MAP, Renowned Artists and more.
Because we don't just make books, we promote and give you work opportuntiites.
Because we send our books to top advertising, animation, film production companies.

Just browse, all the books are available for free preview. 

When if you get your books made with MAP, they will be available as eBooks sold through their bookstore and printed books using the same quality paper and binding as the books printed on . You also receive Global distribution - + International, Barnes & Noble and more.