Concept & Background artist, illustrator and recent graduate from skillset accredited 'Animation Production' course at The Arts University Bournemouth. (Arts Institute Bournemouth)
Also a part time support artiste (extra) for film, tv and commercials, gaining a greater understanding of the process used on set, plus its fun.

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12543 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Oliver Hardy Caricature, Photoshop CS4 7-8 hours

1157 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Caricature of a friend, more of a finished sketch, took about 4-5 hours. Photoshop

1548 2 in Alberto Russo Book Contest
Jimi Hendrix Colour

1130 2 in Alberto Russo Book Contest
Jimi monochrome

1631 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Man of Steel Superman

2075 0 in Conceptual
Quick Matte Painting, Photoshop, 8 hours

1219 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Pirate Panda. Quick sketch based on an alchemy painting i used as a base. Photoshop, 1 hour

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